Movement Sensor

The Movement Sensor is a monitoring sensor that detects the movement of people and pets.
By linking the Sensor with BOCCO, which can exchange voice messages, you can communicate easily with your family based on the Movement Sensor feedback.
In addition, based on the detections of the Sensor, you can have BOCCO speak preset messages.

The Movement Sensor Resolves These 3 Worries!

Worries about my pet at home:
If you put the Movement Sensor near the litter box or your pet’s favorite space,
you will know what your pet is up to.

Worries about my housesitting child:
Based on the detection of the Movement Sensor, you can have BOCCO speak preset messages.
For example, if the sensor detects movement near the window, BOCCO can say “You can go out on the balcony when mom is with you,” or if there is movement near the kitchen, BOCCO can say “Don’t go in the kitchen, it’s dangerous!”

Worries about my elderly relatives:
As the sensor detects movement without a camera, they can also be placed in private areas such as the washroom, bathroom, and changing room.
It can also monitor your relative when there is no family member or caretaker available.

The sensor and BOCCO should be placed within 10m of each other. As they connect through Bluetooth, the usable distance may vary based on the environment.