Lock Sensor

The Lock Sensor detects the opening and locking of a thumb lock and sends notifications to your phone.
You can check the state of your home lock at any time.
Even on days when you leave your house in a hurry, you can check whether you locked your house with your phone so you can head out without a worry.


Attach a special magnet to the thumb lock and the Lock Sensor senses the state of the lock by the distance and direction of the magnet.
The open/lock state must be set up by the user through the app.
Once batteries are put into the Lock Sensor, a setup manual is automatically shown in the app. Follow the directions to set up the Sensor.

Check If the Lock Sensor Can Be Used on Your Home Lock

The sensor and BOCCO should be placed within 10m of each other. As they connect through Bluetooth, the usable distance may vary based on the environment.