Weather and Schedule Reminders

By using the app, you can be informed of the daily weather, or receive various reminders, such as a reminder to take out the trash.
We are also continuously collaborating with other IoT devices to further enhance this system.

You can set up BOCCO to tell you scheduled reminders, such as repetitive events like “Bedtime” or “Take out the trash,” and anniversaries and birthdays.

MAMORIO Collaboration


Before you go out, if you tell BOCCO “Forgotten item check!”
it will check if you have your items with MAMORIO attached.

Storytelling with Tokyo Gas

BOCCO x 東京ガス子育てコンテンツ (

Popular storytelling content such as “Aladdin” and “The Emperor’s New Clothes”
are uploaded once a month (10 stories per month).
BOCCO functions as a storyteller so housesitting is not so lonely.

IFTTT Collaboration


BOCCO also collaborates with IFTT, a service that connects web services and various IOT products.
IFTT can inform BOCCO when it’s about to rain, allows connection to Twitter, and overall increases material for BOCCO to talk about.