Message Exchange

Message exchange can be done using the BOCCO app.
The robot will respond when you send a text or voice message through your smartphone.
If you record a message via the robot, you can check messages through the smartphone app.
The recorded voice message can be transcribed to text, so it is possible to read the message content as well.

The BOCCO app is a family bulletin board that allows you to exchange messages with your family and to check sensor responses.

When you talk to BOCCO, it is sent as a voice message. You can also send a text or voice message through your smartphone.

You will be able to communicate easily even with children, parents, and grandparents who are unable to operate smartphones.

Initial Setup

Plug BOCCO into an electrical outlet. The initial booting process may take a few minutes.

After booting, find BOCCO in the app. Input the PIN code found on the bottom of BOCCO.

Once you have inputted the WiFi information in the app, BOCCO will connect to the internet. Send messages to test the connection!