BOCCO emo is a communication
robot that keeps families connected.

Even with the increasing use of social media and messaging apps, many do not maintain communication with their family.
The use of BOCCO emo and the designated BOCCO emo app increases conversation
and strengthens the bond between family members.


  • Message Exchange

    Message Exchange

    Users can exchange messages using the BOCCO emo app.
    When the user enters a text or voice message from their smartphone, the robot at home will play it. If the user records using the robot, the message can be checked on the smartphone app. The recorded voice will be transcribed into text so the user can read the contents.

    The user can operate BOCCO emo by saying phrases such as "Emo-chan, play my messages." They can also personalize BOCCO emo by giving it a nickname, so they do not have to call it "emo-chan."

  • Weather and Schedule Reminders

    Weather and Schedule Reminders

    Through the app, the user can set up notifications to remind them of their schedule, the weather forecast, etc.
    They can also connect BOCCO emo to various IoT devices for other functions.

  • Sensor Connection

    Sensor Connection

    By linking up with various sensors, users can receive notifications when a family member returns home, or measure the temperature and humidity of certain rooms when they are not at home.

    BOCCO emo has three types of built-in sensors. Using an illuminance sensor, a vibration sensor, and a motion sensor, it accurately grasps the surrounding conditions and returns the best response.

  • Reacts to Your Words

    BOCCO emo can respond to user's greetings such as "I'm home!" or even phrases like "I'm tired."
    It can interact with family members using its original "emo language." The user will be able to understand it naturally through its emotional expressions.

    By spending time with the user and their family, BOCCO emo grows and evolves to become a more connected robot.
    BOCCO emo will continue to grow with updates even after it arrives at the user's home.


BOCCO emoと家族をつなぐ 特別なメッセージアプリ

The BOCCO emo app is a family bulletin board that allows the user to check on their family and sensor responses. When the user talks to BOCCO emo, it is sent as a voice message. They can also send a text or voice message through their smartphone.
Family members will be able to communicate easily with children, parents, and grandparents who cannot operate smartphones.


  • good design award


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  • The Washington Post
  • ABC News
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  • SIZE

    W90 x D90 x H150 mm


    400 g


    100-240V AC adapter


    6.8 W


    IEEE 802.11 b/g/n (2.4Ghz)


    Bluetooth Low Energy


    AC adapter, original picture book


    Wi-Fi router, smartphone


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